New Order Mormon Essays

About LDSMan
A short essay about’s founder, written by his wife shortly after his death in 2004.

How to Stay in the LDS Church After a Major Challenge of Faith
This essay by John P. Dehlin is intended to help people who no longer have a literalist, traditional testimony and are juggling social, family, and internal pressures to stay in–or leave–the LDS Church. It won’t work for everyone, but we frequently hear that this essay helps preserve both sanity and marriages.

The Paradox of the Faithful Unbeliever
Peggy Rogers introduces the nuances of being a faithful unbeliever–sometimes called cultural or New Order Mormon.

My Husband is a NOM and I am Not
Explore what may happen in a relationship when you realize you no longer share common fundamental beliefs.

Can We Choose Our Beliefs? Our Attitudes?
Are our beliefs beyond conscious control? If we choose what we believe, can we also choose the attitudes surrounding our beliefs?

Mythos, Logos
Explore the two ways of knowing, mythos and logos, and learn how Mormonism fits in.

A Woman’s Unanswered Questions
The role of women in the LDS Church is frequently discussed, but for some never completely resolved.