About LDSMan

Dear NOM friends,

My husband, LDSman, passed away in Aug. 2004 on his birthday. He was just 58 years old. A very rare form of cancer took his life, called Merkle Cell Carcinoma. He lived only 2 months after diagnosis.

He spent most of his professional life as a teacher. A profession he really considered a calling. He loved to teach and was very good at it. He also wrote text books in his given field of expertise. So much could be said about his professional life, as he was multi talented and accomplished.

He was a wonderful husband, father, and friend to all. His funeral was attended by a very diverse cross section of people, as this reaching out to all, was his way of life. I know all of you would have loved the funeral, a testament to his NOMness. There were Mormons, Protestants, Catholics, Amish, and Jews in attendance. The degree of love towards him was awe inspiring and comforting to me and our children. His family was everything to him. We miss him dearly.

He had a strong faith in God. Though he struggled leaving his family behind, he died with grace and peace.

He started this web site as he felt there needed to be a third course of action, for those in families where leaving the church would be destructive. And for others where they just need to stay connected for what ever reason. He was an advocate of stepping back and looking at the big picture. His watch words were “go slow” and “show love”.

Before he died he was teaching gospel doctrine class. A heavily attended, standing room only class. He taught it with great finesse as a NOM. He struggled with his membership. He saw good in the church and the people, but was not a believer in many aspects of “Mormonism.” We were on the same page which helped a lot. Had he lived, I doubt we would have stayed involved with the church in the long run.

We have a great BIG loving family, most of which are not active. All opinions and points of view are respected.

We started a journey together, I am left to finish the work of raising our family. He is my soulmate, and I look to the day of our reunion.

He was very gratified to see this web site grow and get to know many of you through your postings. I know he would want me to give you all his love, and tell you to hang in there, love your families, go slow, and things will work out.

With Care,

Mrs. LDSman 1.1