Research Mormon History & Doctrine

Neutral LDS Sources

  • Dialogue – an independent quarterly established to express Mormon culture and to examine the relevance of religion to secular life. It is edited by Latter-day Saints who wish to bring their faith into dialogue with the larger stream of world religious thought and with human experience as a whole and to foster artistic and scholarly achievement based on their cultural heritage.  The web site often contains full-text articles from recent issues.
  • The Wives of Joseph Smith – biographies of all the purported wives of Joseph Smith Jr.  The purpose and mission of the website is to acknowledge and remember these largely forgotten women.
  • Mormon Central – this site is maintained by H. Michael Marquardt, an author and research consultant in Latter-day Saint History.  His purpose is to provide through high standards of scholarship material that will assist and make understandable some areas in the field of Mormon studies.
  • Sunstone Online – The mission of the Sunstone Foundation is to sponsor open forums of Mormon thought and experience. Under the motto, “Faith Seeking Understanding,” Sunstone examines and expresses the rich spiritual, intellectual, social and artistic qualities of Mormon history and contemporary life.  The website often contains full-text articles from recent issues, and now has the full text of issues #1-94 (1978-1994) available online.  Audio and video clips from recent symposia are also found online.
  • – Book reviews, articles, and a discussion forum that encourage a willingness to think, a willingness to change, and courage to explore.
  • – Extensive links to articles about many aspects of LDS faith and culture.