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These links should be standard reading (or listening) for anyone drawn to the website!

  • How to Stay in the LDS Church After a Major Challenge of Faith
    This essay by John P. Dehlin is intended to help people who no longer have a literalist, traditional testimony and are juggling social, family, and internal pressures to stay in–or leave–the LDS Church. It won’t work for everyone, but we frequently hear that this essay helps preserve both sanity and marriages.
  • Why People Leave the LDS Church
    A primer that explains why good people leave the Church. If you are a bishop, a believing member looking to understand, or concerned relative of a “wayward” Mormon, or if you can’t understand why the world needs a website like, start with this presentation.
  • “Remnants of My Faith”
    From the 1995 Salt Lake Sunstone symposium, Elbert Peck speaks about the aspects of his faith that remain intact after learning genuine Mormon history.

Links to Mormon Research Sites

  • Pro-LDS Sources
  • Critical LDS Sources
  • Neutral/Ambivalent Sources

Other LDS-Related Forums

  • – Converse on all topics in the light of the revealed gospel of Jesus Christ.  Criticism of the church is not permitted.
  • Times and Seasons – the Center Place of the “Bloggernacle.”  The hosts submit articles, and anyone can comment on them, within the constraints of the commenting policy.  They have recently begun a relationship with BYU Studies that will incorporate pre-publication BYUS articles for discussion.  Also includes links to many dozens of LDS-themed blogs.
  • Dave’s Mormon Inquiry – Thoughtful, insightful, interesting and balanced.
  • Zion’s Lighthouse Message Board – A forum sounding board for academicians, apologists, and skeptics interested in things LDS.
  • The Folk of the Fringe – a forum for Fringe Mormons: people who aren’t orthodox believers, but who also aren’t hostile toward the faith. They are a diverse community of internet friends who share some connection to Mormonism. They welcome new participants from all religious backgrounds to enjoy vibrant, civil discussions.
  • Further Light and Knowledge – The Foyer is for general discussion of your issues and experiences with Mormonism. Whether your view is from the literal foyer inside your local LDS chapel, a larger foyer of the world beyond Mormonism, a deistic or naturalistic foyer surrounded by the beauty of Nature, or some other metaphysical foyer, you’re welcome here.

Other Resources

  • Internet Slang Dictionary