The NOM Rules of Disengagement

The rules of disengagement are not arbitrary.  Following them can help make the changes in your attitudes toward Mormonism less traumatic, for yourself and for the people you are close to.

1. Put family relationships first.

Family and other loved ones are more important than most other considerations. People are more important than things, and maintaining family relationships is more important than many other things including emotional comfort with the institutional church.

2. GO SLOW!!!

A major paradigm shift can be taxing in ways we would not imagine–on both yourself and important relationships. There is a strong temptation to bolt and run when we discover that the church isn’t all it claims to be.  Don’t yield to it.

3. Share your doubts VERY selectively!

Don’t talk about disbelief unless you are certain the people you are talking with empathize with you.  The NOM forum is a safe place for such discussion.

4. Don’t burn any bridges.

You never know when you may need to use them again or when you’ll want others to be able to follow you.